Metal Detecting Accessories

Aside from your detector itself, there are accessories you’ll want to seriously consider. Most of these will just make your life easier and your detecting more productive and therefore more enjoyable. But some will come to feel indispensable to your success as a digger. These may include:

  • Hand-held pinpointer – Helps locate the exact position of a target in your hole or plug where a search coil can’t fit
  • Hand digger – Next to your detector and pinpointer, your digging tool is most critical to being able to quickly and easily recover a target. It’s fair to say that without your digger, your other equipment is pretty useless.
  • Finds pouch – There are many designs and price ranges for these, from a few-dollar nail apron from the hardware store to a fancy leather belt with several flapped compartments, what you choose to carry your finds home is a very individual choice.
  • 9-Volt BatteryBatteries – Keep at least one full change for each item that uses them with you on every hunt.
  • Footwear – Warm and dry or cool and breathable, comfort is the name of the game with footwear, followed closely by safety and functionality.
  • Clothing – Choose pretty much along the same lines as footwear.
  • And more! A full rundown and explanation of what you may need in the field is contained in my book.