Getting Started

Hunting The Hollow

I’ve been metal detecting for more than a dozen years, and the hobby has turned into a real passion for me. When I first got interested, though, it was slow going. I didn’t have a clue how to go about the actual detecting, much less actually finding anything. I didn’t even know where to start looking. Here I was, all revved up with excitement, and no place to go! It was quite frustrating—a real buzz kill.

I didn’t know anyone who was a detectorist, and it was long before the Internet became a haven for diggers. Facebook was a nascent site and very few people had heard of it, and I didn’t know there was such a thing as treasure hunting websites and forums. So I was, effectively, on my own.

I had the barest-of-bones detector, no pinpointer, was digging with a garden trowel, and my holes we about the size of trash can lids. I was in serious need of help.

A dozen+ years later, as a freelance writer and author, I remembered the first rule of authorship: Write the book you wish you could find on the shelves. I looked and saw a few great books on metal detecting for beginners, but they were large, exhaustive tomes that would take hours to read. I knew most beginners won’t even take the time to read their detector user manual, so they’re not very likely to try to plow through a 200-300 page book. They just want to get out in the field to dig.

I knew it was important to write my beginners’ guide in a fast-reading format that had just what you need to get going and no fluff. So my Quickstart Guide was born. Along with some other information, it covers:

This website has content that extends and enhances the information in my book.