Every hobby has its share of specialized equipment that its users need to optimize their experience and results, and certainly metal detecting is no different. While we don’t endorse any equipment we don’t actually use, we offer this section to help you choose between the dizzying array of available metal detectors, gear and accessories. One of our main goals is helping you avoid wasting time and money on choosing the wrong equipment for your needs, because that can add up real fast.

Remember: The whole reason for publishing our Quickstart Guides is to save you the feeling of overwhelm, frustration and despair that author M.A. Shafer experienced when she first started trying to detect. It’s our intention to provide enough detailed information that you can avoid this unpleasant situation.

As always, we strongly encourage you to reach out with any specific questions you may have for the author, and she’ll do her best to respond in a timely manner.


Metal Detecting Accessories